Let’s get an extra hour in our daily schedule!!

Time is the most precious commodity in this current digital ecosystem, and we all covet for that extra one hour in our daily schedule that delivers a gratifying experience after a hectic schedule. Today, unfortunately, we all want an Indistractable life where we have better control over our attention and could spend quality and focused time with our family, colleagues, towards our work commitments, and, most importantly, towards our intellectual nourishment. 

Recently, I was watching an interview of Nir Eyal (an author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.) where he was talking about building habit-forming products and living an Indistractable life, and there were three things he specifically called out which were thought-provoking i.e.

  1. Plan the time and not the output.
  2. Make time for concentration and not communication.
  3. We are giving more power and weightage to the technology it deserves.

All the above statements are so profound and straightforward, but unfortunately, we often forget them.

If you are curious to learn more and explore some fantastic techniques around how to manage your internal triggers, and schedule your time for traction and not a distraction, attend this short course on LinkedIn Learning by Nir Eyal.

At my organization, we watched this entire video series as a team, and it was a great time spent, we all got something valuable out if. 

Try it out in your organization too, and gauge the impact over a while.

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