Creativity – An Artistry, A Talent, or a Problem Solving Skill?

For a long time, we all have been living in the misconception that; Creativity is an inborn talent or something artistic which an artist portrays on the canvas. But lately, I see it more as a problem-solving skill that requires nurturing and can become a distinctive core competency for an individual, a team, or an organization in the future.

Recently, I watched the CREATIVITY BOOTCAMP session organized by Stefan Mumaw in which he beautifully defined, “Creativity is all about problem-solving with relevancy and novelty.” Here the term Relevancy denotes “the degree by which a problem is actually solved,” while the term Novelty is defined as “the degree of uniqueness or originality a solution possesses.” As adults, we are stronger in the Relevancy aspect of creativity while our kids are stronger in the Novelty aspect. That explains, why so many interesting lies and tantrums we all have to face as a parent almost every day:-)

In corporate world where, we are continually juggling with newer problems, complex internal & external ecosystem, and growing expectations from the customers around simplicity, being contextual, and delivering results with a higher economic value, the Creativity as a skill has become inevitable in almost all aspects of the organization value chain. In today’s world, if we have to excel and position ourselves as a thought-leader, we cannot discount Creativity out of our economic value chain.

To build a culture of Creativity in our organization, we need to promote Stupidity in our Brainstorming and Ideation sessions, and Can the Critics so that; we could explore solutions beyond OBVIOUS and EXPECTED. If we want to be creative like our kids, we need to learn the art of switching from the RELEVANCY to NOVELTY mode, and that’s where the out-of-the-box thinking comes.

In the end, I would like to know from my readers, how do you perceive Creativity?

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