Why Data Literacy programs are not able to reach Critical Mass?

During my entrepreneurial journey, I used to travel extensively in the APAC region for conducting corporate training sessions on behalf of Omniture (under the leadership of Mark Wilder and Lawrence Chua), Cardinal Path (under the guidance of David Booth), and Gerson Lehrman Group on products like SiteCatalyst, Test & Target, Discover, Audience Manager, Search Center, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. The basic premise of these sessions was to create awareness and boost the adoption of these fantastic technologies among the corporate workforce. Most of these sessions used to attend by analysts and mid-management folks coming from large industry verticals like BFSI, Technology, Retail, Telecom, Education, eCommerce, Media, Entertainment, IT Services, Consulting, and Government. Approx. 25-30% of these training sessions used to convert into a consulting engagement for my agency (Conversion Path – Doesn’t exist anymore), and that experience used to be extremely gratifying and enriching. During the course of these consulting engagements, I learned a lot about their corporate culture, their insights generation process, consumption across different business functions, the typical concerns around their data, the friction between business and IT, and most importantly, how important is data for their day to day operational decision making.

If we focus on the last decade, we will find that a significant % of digital investment in the corporates went into five significant areas. To explore more on these areas, please click here:

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