Child Like Curiosity

On to something….

Do you ever get a feeling when you wake-up in the morning that you are on to something?

A feeling mixed with Joy, a desire to go for another day full of learning and growing, an opportunity to get embarrassed and learn from that experience, and most importantly, a feeling of vulnerability when you are done with your learning for that day and tap on your head to remind yourself that whatever you have learned or attached yourself over these years was just bull-shit and what’s coming ahead is going to kick your ass:-)

Over these years, I have been stacking one habit after another in my daily ritual to make the day really predictable and accomplished when I reconcile my To-Do list at the end of the day. The predictability indeed kills the adventure and surprise element of the day but, it makes you disciplined and enables you to get the maximum out of your 24 hours workday. Sometimes, I get amazed when my peers and friends tell me that they don’t have time to learn and get embarrassed because they are busy. I am still trying to figure out what the term busy means?

On the other hand, I am surrounded by few individuals who are action-packed and carry so much energy, charisma and fire around them that they re-kindle the dull moments of your day. In this hyper-connected crazy world, it’s imperative to surround yourself with this burst of energy and follow a disciplined life to get the best out of yourself.

As we have entered into a new decade of our life with lots of amazing learnings out of this pandemic, which changed the fixed mindset of so many people worldwide and made them feel vulnerable. This is the first time in the last 100 years, we all experienced the same set of feelings with-in ourselves and felt connected with this universe. During this pandemic, the most profound experience I had was the fact that I have forgotten how to live in a joint family and manage the emotions and drama of so many people (family:-)) around me. On the one hand, I felt secured and loved but, on the other hand, I was waiting for the moments of the “Me Time.” This was a constant battle since the lock-down started but, things started changing gradually, and a new set of beliefs and perceptions started building.

The most profound experience for me in the last 12 months was watching my 5-year-old learning Chess and improving his moves day by day. He made me realized my fixed-mindset and how not to treat him like a child when we are on the board waiting for that opponent King to that killed. Some times I get a feeling while playing with him that “Dad, stop bull-shitting and just play like a player and not a father:-)” I must admit, over the last few weeks, I have lost so many games and learned so much about his persona.

As the year is progressing and we see the signs of revival and hope, this is an opportunity to capitalize on the learnings of our self-introspection in the last 12 months and put together a plan of learning and growth which maintains that feeling of vulnerability and keep us in the humble state of mind.

Happy New Year to all my colleagues across the world, and really forward to hearing about your experiences.

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